Manuscript History of Hastings and St. Leonards Vol 10

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Index to Contents of Volume Ten 1862-64

This is a transcription of the index to Thomas Brandon Brett's Manuscript History of Hastings & St Leonards vol 10.[1]

Chapter Sixty Eight: Hastings 1862 Page 1

Accidents and Fatalities (pg. 1)
Town Council meetings (The harbour contention)
Town council Transactions
(Great excitement)
Concerts-and Public Entertainments – Special Dinners, Suppers, etc.
Public Funerals
The Lancashire Distress (For the relief of Lancashire)
The Local Collections
Schools and School Treats
A new Ragged School Building proposed
The Ragged School
The Ragged School Bazaar
The Fishery
The Drowning of Nine Fishermen
The Fishery Vicissitudes
"Sympathy for the Afflicted”
Accidental Fires
The Autumn Flower Show
Hastings at the Exhibition
Sudden deaths and Inquests
Lectures at Hastings – “The Millennial Rest" by Rev. Dr. Cumming
Dr. Cumming's Lectures
Lectures at Hastings
Maritime Casualties
Miscellaneous Items
The Town Council not what it ought to be
Municipal Matters
Waldegrave Fountain
Our Volunteer Soldiers
Poor rates
Workmen's treats
Philosophical Society
The Regatta and other events
The Queens Hotel
Special Sermons
Hastings Mechanics' Institution.

Chapter Sixty Nine: St. Leonards 1863 Page 65

St.Leonards Commissioners' Meetings
The West Hill road
Vestry Meetings
Accidents and Fatalities
Balls, etc.
The Borough Assessment
Archery Meetings
The Archery Prize Meeting
The Artillery Band
The Bonfire Boys
Concerts and Musical Entertainments
The Cottage Building Company
Church and Chapel News
Particular Deaths
Funeral Obsequies
The Cripples Home
Drapers' Recreation
Horticultural Society
Harvest Homes
Harvest Homes and Thanksgiving
Coroner's Inquests
A new Galley
A St. Leonards Guide Book
Letter Press Music
Musical Taste
Lost and Found
"Magnificent Liberality"
"The Biter Bit"
Building Operations
Rearing Suppers
The St.Leonards Mechanics Institution
Fashionable Marriages
Presentations and Picnics
Royal Visitors
Special Sermons
School Treats
Evening Schools
Sale of Property
St.Leonards Caves
Abnormal Fish
Storms and Atmospheric Phenomena
Earthquakes and Predictions
Earthquakes and fulfilled Predictions
The Weather and its Prophets
A Little Trip to Netherfield
The Temperance Propaganda
Thunderstorms and Fatalities
A Turkish Bath Company
Terrific Storms, locally and generally
A Week's Storms and much damage
A Breach in the Wall
Miscellaneous Occurrences.

Chapter Seventy: Hastings 1863 Page 121

Accidents at Hastings (pg. 121)
Fashionable-Balls (pg. 121)
Concerts (pg. 121)
Wonderful Discovery of Gold (pg. 123)
Entertainments (pg. 124)
Fire Alarms – The Fishery (pg. 125)
Forresters' Fete (pg. 125a)
Lectures (pg. 126)
The Letter H and its Friends (pg. 126)
Mnemonics Entertainments (pg. 127)
Municipal Matters (pg. 129)
Maritime Casualties (pg. 129)
Weather Predictions (pg. 129)
A Promenade Pier (pg. 131)
The Volunteers and the Brighton Review (pg. 132)
Volunteer Review at Hastings (pg. 133)
Artillery Inspection
Volunteer Prize Meeting
Town Council Meetings
Agitation for a Central Ward
Council Meeting; Re-division of Wards
Election of Mayor
The Queen's Hotel
Workmen's Treats
Workingmen’s Clubs
A Dutchman on the Mayor's Dinner
Quarter Sessions
The Royal Marriage
The Roman Catholics
Marriage of the Prince of Wales
The Royal Marriage General Notice
The Wedding Festivities – Aquatics: Success of Hastings Men
Successes of Hastings Rowers
Special Sermons

Chapter Seventy One: St.Leonards 1864 Page 155

Accidents and Fatalities (pg. 155)
An Unfortunate Church (pg. 157)
Workman alias Rawlings (pg. 167)
Mr. Workman inhibited by the Bishop (pg. 171)
Letters and Replies re the St Leonards Church (pg. 173)
Attempted Murder and Arson – Burglaries (pg. 177)
Mose v. Gas Company (pg. 178)
Archery Meetings (pg. 178)
Sale of Archery Grounds – Archery Gardens Company (pg. 179)
Scripture Readers Society (pg. 181)
Balls and Fashionable Parties (pg. 183)
The Board of Guardians (pg. 184)
Battle and Sedlescombe New road (pg. 185)
Bonfire Boys (pg. 186)
Concerts (pg. 186)
Churches and Chapels (pg. 186)
Christmas Amusements (pg. 191)
Dissolution of Marriage (pg. 192)
Fires and Fire Brigade (pg. 193)
Influx of visitors (pg. 192)
Facetiae (pg. 193)
East Sussex Fox Hunt
The Health of the Borough
Coroner's Inquests
An Industrial Exhibition
Loss of Sheep
Lord's Day Observance Society
Fashionable Marriages
Mechanics Institution
The "New Old Roar"
Fancy Fair at the "New Old Roar"
Popular Readings
Powder Mill Explosion
Royal Visit
Visit of the Prince and Princess of Wales
St. Leonards Commissioners
Special Sermons
Sudden deaths
Suicide Mania
St.Leonards Total Abstinence Propaganda
School Treat
Temperance Hall and Working mens Institute
Temperance Matters
Editorial Articles
The Permissive Bill
Temperance and Total Abstinence
Editorial Comments, Temperance versus Total Abstinence
Temperance Hall Festival
The Turkish Bath opened
Vestry Meetings
Wesleyan Meetings
The Sheffield Disaster
Another Great Calamity
A Tarry Subject
The Tarred Hedge
"Guy Fawkes Re-enacted".

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