Manuscript History of Hastings and St. Leonards Vol 8

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Index to Contents of Volume Eight 1860

This is a transcription of the index Thomas Brandon Brett's Manuscript History of Hastings & St Leonards vol 8.[1]

Chapter Sixty Three: St. Leonards 1860 Page 1

The St.Leonards Commissioners
Vestry Meetings
Mechanics' Institution
The Queen's St.Leonards Archers
Balls and concerts
Horticultural Society
St.Leonards Regatta
Church Matters
Norman Road Thoroughfare
Galley Hill
Falls of Cliff
Loss of the "Endeavour"
Particular Deaths
Accidents and fatalities
The Western Stonebeach
Revival of the Postal Question
Western Waterworks
Lectures – Laundry women’s Strike, etc
Professor Jacob
A Three horse Omnibus

Chapter Sixty Four: Hastings 1860 Page 35

The Western Stonebeach
Town Council Meetings
(Offers of Land)
Proposed Pier at Verulam Place
Bathing machines and Bathing
The Chaplain's Stipend Again!
(Gas Matters)
The Volunteers – The Water Supply
Revised Burial Fees
The Borough accounts.
The Postal Question again
Still the Postal Question
The Mechanics' Institution
Mr. North's Lecture on Spain
Introduction to "The Song of Roland"
The Philosophical Society
Philosophical Institution and Literary Institution
The Victoria Life Boat
The Fishery
Capt. Sleigh's Harbour Plan
Capt. Sleigh's Breakwater scheme
The Proposed Harbour
Womersley's objection
Letters on the Proposed Harbour
The Harbour Discussions
(animosities, personalities,
end of the Dispute
The Benefit Societies
Mr. Humes views
Benefit Societies requiring reformation
Benefit Societies Discussion
Benefit Societies wanted to be re-formed
Dinner and new position of the "Old Friendly"
Public and other Dinners
Dinners, balls and other Entertainments
Public Bands and Concerts
Fetes and Flower Shows
Proposed New Bells
Powder Mill Explosion
Destruction of a Martello Tower
The Local Volunteers
The Rifle Volunteers
Formation of the 1st Cinque Ports Rifles
A grand Muster of Volunteer Rifles
Volunteer Corps.
Volunteer Movements
Presentation of Colours
Shooting for Prizes
The Lord Warden "and her champion crew"
The Hastings Regatta
Particular Marriages
Accidents, Rescues, Inquests
Archaeological Meeting
Archaeological Excursion
George Douglas Hazle
Particular Deaths
Notes and Queries
All Saints Church
Mechynge's Will
All Saints Church
Notes and Queries
Extracts from MSS in the Bodleian Library
A Crown Lands Law Case
Bank Dividend
Working Mens Reading Room

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