Manuscript History of Hastings and St. Leonards Vol 7

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Index to Contents of Volume Seven 1858-59

This is a transcription of the index to Thomas Brandon Brett's Manuscript History of Hastings & St Leonards vol 7.[1]

Chapter Fifty Nine: St. Leonards 1858 Page 1

The Boundary Controversy continued 1
Natural phenomena
Abnormal Temperatures
A Busy week
Royalty Passing & visiting
The Mechanics' Institution
Accidents & Fatalities
Storms & Tides
Various events
Death of Lady Boothby
An address to the King of the Belgians.

Chapter Sixty: Hastings 1858 Page 27

Town Council meetings
The Postal Question
A Possessory Title
(Confirmatory cases)
No proof of Foreshore Rights
The Corporation & the Woods & Forests Commissioners
"No animus" but very much like it
Ross's Guide
"No animus against Hastings"
The Eversfield Waterworks
No reply to articles in the St. Leonards Gazette
Returning Reason
Greater Municipal Independence
Municipal Election
Town Council meetings etc. (Waterworks)
Town Council, Board of Guardians
Bank matters
The Bank Failure Affairs
New Churches & other Buildings
Schools and special Appeals
Local Institutions
Local Societies
A Smuggler's submission
The Fishery
Proposed Net manufactory
Launch of the Life boat
Church Funds Bazaar
Public lectures
Deaths, marriages
Champion Oarsmen
Royalty at Hastings
Various occurrences – The Local Government Act

Chapter Sixty One: St. Leonards 1859 Page 86

The St.Leonards Commissioners
Vestry meetings
St.Leonards Mechanics' Institution
Archery meetings
Celestial & Atmospheric Phenomena
Remarkable Atmospheric changes
Coast defences
Accidents etc.,
Dr. Cumming's Lecture
The Old Town Clock
Miscellaneous Events
Imperial Politics.

Chapter Sixty Two: Hastings 1859 Page 107

Town Council meetings
Water Supply
Rainfall & Water Supply
Town Council (water supply)
Surveyor's Application to take other work
The Borough Election
"Hastings News" on the election
The new Ministry
The Mechanics' Institution – Lectures
other matters
Accidents & Fatalities
Death of Earl Waldegrave
Marriage-Prof. Frichell
Entertainments, concerts
Hoffman's Organophonic Band
Vestry meetings
Rocket Apparatus
Wesleyan Affairs
Church collections
Consecration of Church & Burial Ground
Fishing Industry
The Lifeboat – Maritime Casualties
The Regatta
The Great Eastern Steam-ship – Rifle Competition – Testimonials
Disputed Right of Way
The Climate of Fairlight
"What Influence can the Planets have?"
The Wreck of the “Royal Charter”
The Great Eastern in the Gale
Miscellaneous matters
The Volunteer Artillery Corps Established
Formation of the Artillery Volunteers
The Year's Retrospect 1859.

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