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Index to Contents of Volume Four 1850 - 52

This is a transcription of the index to Thomas Brandon Brett's Manuscript History of Hastings & St Leonards vol 4.[1]

Chapter Forty Three: St. Leonards 1850 Page 1

Transactions of the St.Leonards Commissioners (pg. 01)
Railway Company charged with having caused danger to the parade; correspondence thereon and calling-in competent opinion; action at law advised, but abandoned (pg. 06)
New assessments (pg. 07)
Vestry meeting of St.Leonards and St. Mary Magdalen (pg. 07)
Wesleyan matters (pg. 08)
Mechanics' Institution (pg. 09)
St.Leonards Church: its baptisms and burials (pg. 10)
Marriage in high life (pg. 10)
Death and interment of the Rev. John Jones, the founder of All Souls Convent (pg. 11)
Deaths of Sir Thomas Marrable and Sir John Buchan (pg. 11)
Converts to Romanism (pg. 11)
Accidents and inquests (pg. 11)
Railway works and their progress (pg. 13)
Counterfeit tickets and coins (pg. 14)
The Eversfield waterworks (pg. 14)
Storms and destructive tides (pg. 15)
Mr. Woodford's new houses, and why they were named "Agincourt" (an item of ancient history) (pg. 16)
Public amusements – Royal visitors (pg. 16)
The Queen's St.Leonards Archers (pg. 18)
Atmospheric and other phenomena (pg. 18)
Miscellaneous occurrences. (pg. 19)

Chapter Forty Four: Hastings 1850 Page 20

The Hastings Commissioners (pg. 20)
Town Council doings (pg. 22)
Agitation for cheaper gas (pg. 36)
Charity Trusts (pg. 22)
Priory Culvert (pg. 23)
Money in Chancery (pg. 24)
Removal of rocks (pg. 24)
Grand banquet to the Lord Mayor of London (pg. 24)
Condolence to Lady Peel (pg. 25)
Mr. Cresy's report on the sanitary condition of the borough (pg. 25)
Municipal elections (pg. 26)
The burgesses in a fix (pg. 26)
Civic festivals (pg. 27)
The Regatta (pg. 33)
Hastings and the Great Exhibition (pg. 35)
Gas consumers v the Gas Company (pg. 36)
Railway matters (pg. 42)
The Road Coach (pg. 48)
Commencement of Robertson Street, etc. (pg. 48)
Marine casualties and curiosities (pg. 50)
Accidents and Incidents (pg. 52)
Terrible fall from the cliff (pg. 54)
"Robinson Crusoe Caves". (pg. 55)
Proposed baths and wash houses (pg. 65)
Music hath charms (pg. 65)
"The Church a robber" (pg. 61)
Bank robbery (pg. 61)
Shipping (pg. 66)
16,200 old pennies saved (pg. 56)
Dinners, teas and treats (pg. 66)
Union house rarities (pg. 57)
Forgery of £5 notes etc., etc. (pg. 58)

Chapter Forty Five: St.Leonards 1851 Page 67

Transactions of the St.Leonards Commissioners
St. Mary Magdalen Church projected and building tendered for
Laying the Foundation Stone
Ill-feeling at the ceremony between East and West, followed by separate luncheons
Protestantism versus Romanism
Opening of Ashford and Hastings Railway
Conflict between the L.B. & S.C. and S.E. Railway companies - trains impounded and rails taken up
Legal decision adverse to South-eastern Company. Competition in fares, ultimately leading to an amicable arrangement, detrimental to the borough
Historical sketch of the L.B. and S.C. Railway Company and its formation with the West of France Railway Company, of the Newhaven Harbour Company, Immense up-to-date enlargement and improvement of Newhaven Harbour described
Proposed new Local Act for the district between the Priory and the St.Leonards Archway, to be called "The West-Hastings Improvement Act"
Strong opposition to and abandonment of the Bill
Meeting against the inclusion of St. Leonards in the Health of Towns Act
The case carried to the House of Lords, resulting successfully for St.Leonards
New buildings
A question of Public Bands
Diverting the Haven
Horticultural Shows
Accidents etc

Chapter Forty Six: Hastings 1851 Page 109

Contents: The last transactions of the Hastings Commissioners
Town Council meetings in 1851
The Town Council as the new Local Board of Health
Mr. Eversfield's offer of the parade between Claremont and St.Leonards Archway accepted
Hastings Mechanics Institution
Hastings .and St.Leonards Athenaeum
Early closing Association
Smuggling Misadventures
Maritime losses and casualties
Heroic actions of the Coppard family in saving life
Railway matters
Petitions to Parliament
Hastings and the Great Exhibition (Preliminary local show)
The Duke of Brunswick and Mr. Green's Balloon Ascent
Nature's raw materials in Hastings and its neighbourhood
Particular Deaths
Sudden deaths and Inquests
Accidents and Incidents
Robberies and Burglaries
Public dinners and private hospitalities
Balls and Concerts
Lectures and Readings
Meeting to found a Public Hall
Complimentary Memorial to Mr. Pepys
Vestry Meetings
Missionary Meetings
The Censi of 1821, 1831, 1841, and 1851
Curiosities and Miscellaneous Occurrences.

Chapter Forty Seven: St.Leonards 1852 Page 169

Contents: Meetings and doings of the St.Leonards Commissioners
(Appointment of a clerk; acceptance of a £16,000 loan, with which to payoff bonds; James Mann appointed custodian of Fire-engine; Preparing case for Counsel's opinion repayment of map ordered exclusively for Local Board of Health)
Parochial meetings
Railway and other accidents
The Magdalen Charity, carried to the Equity Court by the Rev. G.D. St. Quintin and Mr. A. Burton
The Ellsworth Charity
St.Leonards Mechanics' Institution
The National Schools. of St. Leonards and St. Mary Magdalen
Lectures and Lecturers
An awkward dilemma in draining Mr. Smith's new houses at Stanhope Place
Rapid increase of buildings, and the question were they all wanted?
Election meetings
Politics and Passions
Excessive heat
Previous hot summers
Meetings of the Queen's St.Leonards Archers
Boat races
St Mary Magdalen Church and Parsonage
Farewell sermons
The Railway Companies memorialised for better accommodation
Miscellaneous occurrences in 1852.

Chapter Forty Eight: Hastings 1852 Page 187

Contents: Town Council meetings, at which were discussed the acceptance from Mr. Eversfield the parade between Claremont and the St Leonards Archway
The Eversfield water-works
Mr. Chamberlin's resignation
Bonds for officials
General district rates
The taking of beach
The removal of rocks
The improving a well at Halton
The financial conditions
Bathing machines
The borrowing of £3,500
The taking of ten feet off the parade
The preservation of public footpaths
The improvement of the Tackleway
The non-forthcoming of drainage plans
The list of attendance’s
Alderman Clements building designs in Robertson Street
The salaries of employees
Repairing of roads and sea-wall
Letting the Market Hall, the Duke of Wellington's death and funeral, and attendance at the latter
The conduct of the Mayor of Rye
The Hastings' Mayor to take the invitation
The Pier Wardens accounts. The payment of the Local Board map
Sabbath-day hiring of flies
The municipal elections, etc.
The Borough Election and disgraceful scenes thereat
The County Election and similar scenes
Choosing Mayor, and charge of indiscretion by Mr. Ross
More political fire
Repeated contentions on the question of paying for the Local Board map; the Town Clerk's opinion and Council's opinion dead against St. Leonards being charged with it; the County Court judge deciding the same way; the Eastward Councillors yielding with ill grace
Mr. Brisco's bounties
Starting the Volunteer Rifle Corps
Mechanics' Institution
The Athenaeum
The Early-Closing Association
Smuggling misadventures
Loss of fishing-boats
Other maritime casualties
The Coppard family's heroic actions in saving life
Railway items
Hastings and the Great Exhibition
Immense crowds to see the preliminary local show
The Duke of Brunswick and Mr. Green's Balloon ascent from Hastings
Natural materials to be found in Hastings and neighbourhood
Particular deaths and inquests
Accidents, fatal and otherwise
Robberies and Burglaries
Public dinners and private hospitalities
Balls and concerts
Lectures and lecturers
Complimentary memorial to E. Pepys, Esq.
Vestry meetings
Missionary meetings
The Censi of 1821, 1831, 1841 and 1851
Curiosities and Miscellaneous occurrences.

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