Manuscript History of Hastings and St. Leonards Vol 6

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Index to Contents of Volume Six 1856-57

This is a transcription of the index to Thomas Brandon Brett's Manuscript History of Hastings & St Leonards vol 6.[1]

Chapter Fifty Five: St.Leonards 1856 Page 1

St.Leonards Commissioners' Meetings
Voluntary rate and generous gifts
St.Leonards Mechanics' Institution
The Queen's Royal St.Leonards Archers
The fashionable season
Bankruptcies, Dissolutions, etc.
Moreing versus Troup
Storms, Gales and high tides
Balls, concerts & other entertainment
School notes
Church matters
Accidents, Curiosities
Peace with Russia
Parochial meetings
Cemetery Tenders
Consecration, etc.
Vaccinations Facts and Petitions
Cure for small pox
"Anti-Humbug" versus "Anti-Prejudice"
Municipal matters
Various Occurrences.

Chapter Fifty Six: Hastings 1856 Page 27

Town Council meetings (pg. 27)
Town Clerk & Borough Surveyor (Assertions & Denials) (pg. 27)
The Court of Record (pg. 41)
Election of Mayor (pg. 44)
Meeting of Burgesses (pg. 46)
Town Council meetings (pg. 46)
Mr. Eldridge’s Fine (pg. 48)
Political Independence (pg. 49)
Mechanics Institution (pg. 50)
The Literary Institution (pg. 51)
The Fishery & other matters (pg. 53)
Hastings Regatta (pg. 55)
A case of smuggling (pg. 55)
Conviction for smuggling (pg. 56)
Sale of Land, etc., (pg. 56)
Church matters (pg. 56)
School items (pg. 58)
Inquests and Particular Deaths (pg. 59)
Entertainments & other Amusements (pg. 60)
Accidents (pg. 62)
Murder of a Hastings Gaoler (pg. 64)
Curiosities (pg. 66)
Discoveries on the East Hill (pg. 66)
Archaeological Discovery (pg. 66)
The Banking Testimonial (pg. 68)
Proclamation and celebration of Peace (pg. 68)
The Chewton Memorial. (pg. 74)

Chapter Fifty Seven: St. Leonards 1857 Page 74

Commissioners Meetings (pg. 74)
Vestry meetings in 1857 (pg. 76)
St.Leonards Church, St.Leonards Schools (pg. 77)
National schools (pg. 78)
St.Leonards Mechanics' Institution (pg. 78)
Archery meetings (pg. 82)
Fashionable Gatherings (pg. 83)
Balls, dinners, evening parties etc. (pg. 83)
Wesleyan items (pg. 85)
Lifeboat & Humane Society (pg. 86)
Lifeboat established (pg. 87)
Accidents & Injuries (pg. 88)
Silverhill Chapel (pg. 90)
St Mary Magdalen Church (pg. 90)
Sermons & other matters (pg. 77)
Novelties and Eccentricities (pg. 92)
East Sussex election (pg. 93)
The Postal Imbroglio (pg. 94)
Postal & Boundary Dispute (pg. 98)

Chapter Fifty Eight: Hastings 1857 Page 138

Town Council meetings (pg. 139)
Inquests and Particular deaths (pg. 169)
East Sussex Representation (pg. 176)
The Country & Borough Elections (pg. 182)
Hastings & Manchester Elections (pg. 187)
Defeat of the Peace-at-any-Price Party (pg. 187)
Parliamentary Prospects (pg. 188)
Election of a Speaker (pg. 188)
Speakers in Ancient Times (pg. 189)
A Trophy of the Russian Wars (pg. 164)
Meeting of a Brotherhood & Guestling (pg. 164) & (pg. 192)
Ancient Local Records (pg. 200)
Vestry Meetings (pg. 200)
Nose pulling case (pg. 201)
Failure of the Bank (pg. 202)
Holy Trinity Church (pg. 211)
Church Matters (pg. 213)
Testimonials etc. (pg. 214)
New bells for St Clements Church (pg. 214)
Public Schools (pg. 217)
Mechanics & Literary Institution (pg. 217)
The Fishery (pg. 219)
Collisions & Disasters (pg. 220)
Wrecks & Fatalities (pg. 220)
The Regatta (pg. 222)
Accidents (pg. 223)
Dinners, suppers, etc. (pg. 223)
The Mayor's dinner (pg. 224)
Press opinions (pg. 225)
Various items. (pg. 227)

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