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Index to Contents of Volume Five 1853-1855

This is a transcription of the index to Thomas Brandon Brett's Manuscript History of Hastings & St Leonards vol 5.[1]

Chapter Forty Nine: St.Leonards 1853 Page 1

Application from the Hastings Local Board to the St.Leonards Commission re drainage
The Commissioners' reply
St.Leonards Coal dues
Stone crossings (some to be re-laid and some to be taken up)
Sea-wall to be re-pointed
Groynes to be altered
Groynes to be repaired
Pigs to be removed as a nuisance
Commissioners disqualified and others elected.
Notice that a resolution of the Local Board respecting alteration of groynes had been rescinded
Parochial officers of St. Leonards. Ditto of St. Mary Magdalen
Rates and new assessments
St.Leonards and St. Mary Magdalen Vestries
Cemetery movements
Mechanics Institution and its unique Exhibition
Mechanics Institution affiliated on the Society of Arts
Melancholy deaths and Coroner's Inquests
Drowning cases
Horticultural exhibitions
Prize meeting of the Queen's St.Leonards Archers
Confirmations. Mrs. Smith convicted of manslaughter for fatally stabbing her husband; sentenced to ten years transportation, but died in gaol.

Chapter Fifty: Hastings 1853 Page 10

Contents: (See also general index) Town Council meetings pages 10-31
(pg. [[Brett Volume 1: Chapter I - {{{3}}}#{{{4}}}|{{{4}}}]]) Street lighting, (pg. 10)
payment of map, (pg. 10)-(pg. 111)-& (pg. 15)-[(pg. 16)
Baths and Washhouses, (pg. 11)
District rates, (pg. 2),(pg. 26),(pg. 37)
Cavendish Place (pg. 12)
Putland's resignation, (pg. 12)
His successor (pg. 103)
Thanks to ex-Surveyor, (pg. 14)
Site of old lighthouse, (pg. 14)
Town Clerk's "extras", (pg. 14)
Financial accounts (pg. 14)
Steps and crossings, (pg. 15)
Pelham Place improvement, (pg. 16)
Drainage, (pg. 16) & (pg. 21) (pg. 26)
Cinque Ports privileges, (pg. 16)
Custom House (pg. 17), (pg. 22), (pg. 28)
Crier's fees,(pg. 17)
Widening parade and road, (pg. 17)
Removal of rocks, (pg. 18)
Watch house (pg. 19), (pg. 22)
Condolence (strange proceedings), (pg. 19), (pg. 20)
Election of Alderman, (pg. 20)
Leanstock show, (pg. 20), (pg. 36)
Cemetery required, (pg. 21)
Parade improvement, 21.
Chalk-road groyne, 21
Old Warm Baths, 22,27,29,30
Tackleway improvement, 23,30
Water supply, 13, 30
Naming of houses, 21, 23 to 25
Watering roads, 25
Surveyor's enlarged sphere, 25
Rise in rates, 26
Condemned Hole, 28
Queen Elizabeth's Charter, 28
Encroachments, 31
Balls, concerts & lectures, 31 to 36
School treats, 34
Mechanics Institution, 34
Athenaeum, 35
Literary Institution 35
Board of Guardians, 35
Gas Company, 35
Cinque Ports pilots, 36
Carpenters' strike, 36
Printers' demands 36
Proposed new road, 36
Building operations, 36
Mayor at church 36
Cost of negligence, 37
Death of Sir Godfrey Webster, 37
St Mary Magdalen Church, 37
Fishing, 37
Accidents, 38
Burglaries, 39
Rowing matches, 39
From Australia, 39-40.

Chapter Fifty One: St. Leonards 1854 Page 41

Contents: Transactions of the Commissioners and parish offers
Appointment of a Burial Board
Difficulties in the search of site for a cemetery
Severe weather and a trying winter
The distressed poor
Sudden deaths
The Baltic fleet
The Jasper gun-boat destroyed by fire off St.Leonards and Hastings
Collections for those engaged in war
Horticultural shows
A sleigh ride in the snowy streets
Railways blocked
Fall of Sebastopol
Archery meetings
The autumn season
Public bands
The St.Leonards Mechanics' Institution – Lectures in connection therewith
Postal arrangements
An attempt to get the St. Leonards post-office abolished
For and against memorials thereupon
Humorous and serious letters concerning the same.

Chapter Fifty Two : Hastings 1854 page 55

Contents :(See also general index) Town Council meetings (pg. 56) to (pg. 70)
police tippling, (pg. 56)
Removal of boats, (pg. 56)
District rates,(pg. 56)
Advertising, (pg. 56)
Groynes, (pg. 56)
Parade seats (pg. 56)
General drainage plans exhibited (pg. 56)
Plan approved (pg. 58)
Finance condition,(pg. 57)
"No hurry" (pg. 58)
"No delay", (pg. 59)
"Intermediate action", (pg. 59)
Braithwaite's high charges,(pg. 60)
Memorial to proceed (pg. 62)
More objections, (pg. 62)
Putland disapproves, (pg. 63)
Another claim (pg. 61)
Petition for delay (pg. 61)
Rating the poor, (pg. 64)
New road at Wallinger's Walk proposed, (pg. 65)
Water supply, (pg. 65)
Cinque Ports' jurisdiction, (pg. 66)
No educational help, (pg. 66)
Numbering of houses,(pg. 67)
New Fishmarket, (pg. 67)
Ironstone (pg. 67)
Defensive works, (pg. 68)
Market room, (pg. 68)
Viscount Chewton (pg. 69)
East parade (pg. 69)
Pierwardens, (pg. 69)
Choosing Mayor (pg. 69)
Curious potato (pg. 71)
Escape from gaol, (pg. 70)
burglaries and robberies, (pg. 71)
Distressed poor, (pg. 71), (pg. 73)
Relief fund, (pg. 72)
Vestry meetings, (pg. 72), (pg. 73)
Herrings, (pg. 73)
Coal famine, (pg. 73), (pg. 74)
The fishery, (pg. 73), (pg. 74)
Maritime casualties, (pg. 74)
Deaths of "Blind Tom", Henry Went Tree, Joseph Simmons, Musgrave Brisco, Mrs. Lloyd Shoesmith, Samuel Phillips, John Banks, "Old Humphrey” & Mrs Simmonds (pg. 75) to (pg. 77)
Vital statistics, (pg. 74), (pg. 77)
Census tables (pg. 77)
Accidents, (pg. 77),(pg. 78)
Dinners (pg. 77),(pg. 78)
Welcome home to Capt. McClure, 79,80,85
Welcome home to Jeremiah Smith, 86, 88
Balls, concerts and entertainments, 88
An outlaw's dividend, 89
New magistrates, 89
Coastguards' exodus, 89
Volunteers at a premium, 89
A daring feat, 90
Removal of baths, 90
The Infirmary, 90
Gas company's new Bill, 90
Chalybeate spring, 90 – Anti Church-rate movement. 91
Annual Lamb Fair, 91
The right of way, 91
Schools, 95,
Guy Fawkes scrimmage, 91
An Irish wake 91
Early closing, 98
Mechanics' Institution, 95, 96
96, Literary Institution, 97
Hastings Regatta, 139
Church matters, 92
Proposed cemetery, 93
Board of Guardians, 94, Ellsworth's Charity, 98 Postal contention, 99,100,101,102
The Russian War; Letters from Hastings men serving thereat, Local articles, poems, etc., together with pictorial representations (26 engravings), and other special information, compiled
from the "Hastings News" and the “St. Leonards Penny Press” 102 to 139.

Chapter Fifty Three: St. Leonards 1855 Page 140

Contents: (See also general index).
Meetings and transactions of the St.Leonards Commissioners, pages 140 and 141
Vestry meetings and Burial Board proceedings of St. Leonards parish, 141-142
Ditto of St. Mary Magdalen parish 143-144
Local Health statistics, 144
Slanderous reports refuted, 145
Royal visitors sojourn, 145-146
Concerts and other amusements, 146-147
Mechanics Institution and its progress, 148-149
Atmospheric, Celestial and meteorological phenomena, 149 to 152
prize meetings of the Queen's Royal St.Leonards Archers, 153 & 154
The Parochial Schools, 154
Founding of the St. Mary Magdalen Schools, 154 & 153
Proposed Towns Improvement Association 155 – 156 Collections, Offertories, etc., 155
Railway matters (Great fall on the Hastings and Tonbridge route, & the line obstructed for six months) 157
Railway accidents (personal) 157
Robberies, etc., 158
Antiquarian discovery, 158
Flower show, 158
Repairing the Martello Towers
Fetes and pyrotechnics at the Tivoli Tea-Gardens, 146 & 147
The St.Leonards Choral Society, 147
The "Wizard of the South", 147
Lectures, various, 148
Phenomenon, 152
Destructive thunderstorm 153.

Chapter Fifty Four: Hastings 1855 Page 158a

Contents (See also Index) General Drainage, pages 159,165,169
Prejudice against the Surveyor, 159
Want of confidence vote, 170
Sheepwash Bridge, 161
The Foyster Legacies, 161-2
Bill posting, 163
Hastings & St. Vallery communication, 163
Railway matters, 164-5
Parade seats, 165
Election of Mayor, 168
Assessment returns, 169
Vestry Burial-Board meetings (Turbulence and personalities) 171 to 188
School items, 191
Collections, various 192
Special Relief Fund, 192
The Fishery (Marvelous and enormous catch of Herrings), 193
Four-masted ship, 196
The Annual Regatta, 196
Surveyors "extras" objected to, 100
Troup's promised generosity, 160
Borough rates, 100
Water supply 160a
Waterworks manager's defalcations and discharge, 160
Town Council's petition to the Queen to assume the functions of a Burial-Board granted, 160a, & 162 to 166
Cemetery question, 164
Distances to cemetery site, 166 – Enlarged Burial Board, 168
In search of cemetery site, 171
A site at last, 166
Cemetery plans, 171
Fencing cemetery ground, 168
Wellington Square, 163
Charities Trustees, 164
Deaths of Archdeacon Hare, Mrs. Frederick North, Rev. W. Davis, Rev. J.G. Foyster, Count de Vandes and Mr. Hoof
188 to 191
Death memorials, 191
Market tolls, 165 – Corn dealers' memorial, 167
West Hill path obstructed, 165
Removal of same ordered, 166
"Smiler” to be sold, 165
Great gale and high tide (cause and effect), 194
Shipping arrivals & landing of passengers from abroad, 195
The schooner Herbinger, 195
King of the Belgians at Hastings, 197
Prince Albert and the Queen at Hastings, 198
The Pett Clerical case (Rev. R. West suspended) 201-203
Early closing and early rising, 207 to 211
Proposed Holy Trinity Church, 211
Municipal Elections (remarkable addresses) 412
Political Partnership condemned, 214-217
Accidents, 224
Curiosities, 225
"England a naval power", 196
Church rates defeated, 204 to 206
Mechanics' Institution, 198-200
Literary Institution, 200
Rate-collector's defalcation (sureties called upon,) 206
Inquests and Burglaries, 224
The H.I.P.S. severely censured, 219-223
The Russian War, with numerous letters from Hastings, men serving thereat, together with local articles, poems, diary of events, and six illustration, making 32 with those given in chapter 52. This History of the war, as compiled from local sources (Hastings News and St. Leonards Penny Press) is altogether unique pages 226 to 279.

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