West Hill

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During the 19th Century, much of the West Hill was owned by the Milward Estate and sub-divided into a number of named fields.

John Shorter Map of Milward Estate 1769, showing West Hill Fields

Field Names[edit]

  • Castle Hill Field
  • Priory Field
  • Stone Field

Some earlier field names are listed by Baines from town records during 1612 as being Wellfield and Cognore[1]


The West Hill was the location of a number of windmills over the years, and the exact locations of these is still a matter of some contention to this day.Baines suggests the following numbers of mills as being extant on the hill as an aide to date images[2]:-

  • 1724 - 1760 : One
  • 1769 - 1819 : Two
  • 1823 - 1829 : Four
  • 1833 - 1854 : Three
  • 1861 - 1873 : Two

He further notes that this does not take into account French's Mill which was further inland. Known mills are Barnfield Post Mill and English's Mill



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