Verulam Place

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Verulam Place
Other Names
Former name(s)Verulam Buildings
Rascal's Row
Named AfterEarl of Verulam (poss.)
JunctionsEversfield Place
Schwerte Way
White Rock

Verulam Place was once known as Verulam Buildings soon after construction started in 1833[1], and popularly known as Rascal's Row.[2] it was situated almost exactly on the boundary between St Leonards and Hastings and was possibly named after James Grimston, the Earl of Verulam and Member of Parliament for St Albans. (Verulam was the modern variation of Verulamium, the Roman name for St Albans).[3] Verulam Place was in a prime position on the seafront of Hastings & St Leonards. Hastings Pier was later constructed directly opposite and opened in August 1872.

First Owners/Occupiers

Brett lists the first occupants as per the following[1]:-
No. 1 was built or bought by Mr. John Austin
No. 2 by Mr. John Hudson
No. 3 by Mr. Twisden
Nos. 4 and 5 were built by Messrs. Burchell and Knight, and owned by Mr. David Manser
No. 6, by Mr. Dives, for Mr. Hilder, of Rye, and tenanted by Mr. Nelson Andrews
No. 7, by Mr. Pilcher, and tenanted for many years by Miss Hancock
Nos. 9 and 10, by Mr. Phillips, and also owned by Mr. Manser



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