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East Ascent

Brett reports that there used to be pig-pounds located here and his manuscript histories record their removal in 1834. The steps leading down to Marina used to be in a circular form and were replaced with those today circa 1844[1]

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Tree v Manser. This action was brought by plaintiff, a builder at Hastings, for the recovery of an account for carpenter’s work to several houses at St Leonards, belonging to the defendant, a solicitor at Rye.- Mr Serjeant Channell and Mr Lush were for the plaintiff, and Mr Serjeant Shee and Mr Bramwell for the defendant. [Re bills for ​building​ in Seymour Place, 1 and 8 Grand Parade, 1 and 2 Warrior Square, 16 Undercliff, and 20 East Ascent in 1844-46. Many financial details. Verdict for plaintiff. East Sussex County Council Archive The Keep HMU+3/2/5/4 is sales particulars for the sale, by order of mortgagees, of 1, 4, 9 and 10 Verulam Place, 1 and 2 Warrior Square, 5 and 6 Seymour Place, and 1 and 8 Grand Parade; the sale being held at the South Saxon Hotel.[2]


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References & Notes

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