Brett Volume 9: Chapter LXV - St. Leonards 1861

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Transcriber’s note[edit]

Chapter LXV - St Leonards 1861[edit | edit source]

Commissioners Meetings[edit | edit source]

 Pg.1 At the quarterly meeting on the 25th of March, there were present Messrs. A Burton (chairman), Hunt, Platt, Parks, Gausden and Carey.

Tenders[edit | edit source]

An offer was accepted from Wm. Mitchell to water the roads at 1/3 per hour; he to keep a correct a/c of the number of bugden fulls that were used.____Tenders for drainage were received from G. H. Broadbridge, £140; William Smith, £109 9s; Carey and Avery, £95;and Hy. Hughes, jun, £68 12s.The last named tender being less than half the highest was, unhesitatingly accepted.

Not again to be employed[edit | edit source]

After being told not to collect any more hard blue stone for the Commissioners, Edward Gould, still collected it and sold it to Hughes and Hunter. It was therefore resolved that Gould be not employed again.

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