St Clements Church

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The first St Clements Church was under the cliff towards the Harbour. Owing to encroachment of the sea, it moved to its present location in 1286. This site was in turn destroyed in 1377 when the French raided the town and the present church erected on the same site soon after that date.[1][2]

Features[edit | edit source]

The Altar piece is painted by Roger Mortimer; in the centre is the decalogue, with painting of Moses and Aaron to the left and right respectively.[2] The ceiling represents the heavenly regions and has figures of Faith, Hope, Charity and Fortitude in the corners.[2] There is an octagonal font at the west end of the church, decorated by the instruments of our Saviour's passion on the sides.[2]

Originally, there was an pulpit cover made from part of the canopy used at King George I's coronation, but this was removed due to it appearing 'too showy'[2]

Two chandeliers, removed and sold for brass value in 1838, used to hang from the ceiling.[2]

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