Hastings Old Bank

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Founded in 1791 at 90 High Street by a number of partners; Messrs Tilden, Shadwell, Hilder, Harvey and Gill[1]. William Gill (1749-) was originally a clocksmith and married to Ann Carswell. William Gill had two children, James, and Ann who married William Scrivens senior, bringing him into the partnership[2].

The bank rapidly became the main financial institution in the town. During 1842 the bank moved to 9 Pelham Place. Without notice, the bank closed on the 26th of June 1857, leaving many individuals owed large sums of money. The bank had loaned over £150,000 to a farmer from Salehurst, Richard Smith, who was related to two of the, then partners. It is believed that all of the money was eventually recovered[1]


:90;High Street;1791;1842 :9;Pelham Place;1842;1857 : 50.858338 :50.855254

The High Street address is now a hotel, and the Pelham Place, an amusement arcade.


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