Warrior Square

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Warrior Square
Other Names
Former name(s)Belgravia
LandmarksStatue of Queen Victoria

Summary[edit | edit source]

Warrior Square was was finished in 1864[1] on the site of the Warrior Field with the first building starting construction on the 13th July 1844[2], and contemporary guide books described it with an alternative name ‘Belgravia’. Whiteman’s Guide to Hastings, St Leonards and the Neighbourhood, 1869, noted “Warrior Square, At once the abode of quiet and elegance, being composed of the finest houses in the borough. The extensive gardens in the centre are very tastefully laid out. The Hastings and St. Leonards Horticultural Society holds its annual meetings in these gardens”. The gardens in the centre were completed over a decade earlier in 1852.

Until 1931, the upper portion of the gardens was not open to the public, being subscription gardens prior to this.[3]

Permission for housing[edit | edit source]

An act of Parliament, dated June 14th 1827, empowered trustees to deal with the lands of the Eversfield Estate, and enacted that it shall be lawful for the trustees to set out part of the lands for square, lawns, etc “for the use and convenience of the occupiers of the houses and other buildings” and this provided for the setting-out of Warrior Square Gardens which opened to the public in 1852 with a band playing three times a week.

Tunnel[edit | edit source]

A now-sealed tunnel was cut under the road to permit visitors to the gardens to cross from the upper gardens to the lower.

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References[edit | edit source]

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