Southern Water Storm Drain

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The Southern Water Storm Tunnel project was a £50 million project to alleviate flooding in the Hastings area during excessive rain. The project was completed during 1998 and involved boring a 7 metre high tunnel from Alexandra Park to Warrior Square using two TBM machines, the larger being a custom made Herrenknecht Mixshield tunneling machine with a smaller machine cutting 2 metre high tunnels connecting to other points across the town. Historian Richard Pollard was contracted to produce a photographic record of the construction of this. Since his site is no more unfortunately, the archive of his photos is now hosted on this wiki.

February 2010 Failure

After over two inches of rain fell on the 21 Feb 2010, the tunnel between Warrior Square and Alexandra Park became full to capacity (52 Million Litres). This combined with an exceptionally high tide, overcame a man-hole on the connection between the pumps and the outfall by Warrior Square, resulting in the underground car park being flooded and necessitating over 3 miles of the A259 to be closed by police whilst water was pumped out and the road surface repaired.[1]


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