All Saints Street

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All Saints Street
Other Names
Former name(s)Fish Street
Fisher Street
JunctionsRock-a-Nore Road
Pleasant Road
Crown Lane
Courthouse Street
Old Humphrey Avenue
Harold Road
Places of WorshipAll Saints Church
Public HousesAlma Tavern, 95

Ball Beer House
Catt Beer House, 46 1/2
Fishermans Arms Beer House
Fishermans Home Beer House
Haddon Beer House,118
Harbour Bar, 77
Hope of Freedom Beer House
Merry Christmas Beer House, 59
New Inn, 124
New Moon Beer House, 45-46
Old House at Home, 44


One of the original main thoroughfares of the Old Town, stretching from All Saints Church to the Pulpit Gate (Town Wall) in the Town Wall. A number of the properties have the letters 'HCIS' - this refers to properties that had been maintained as part of the Hastings Cottage Improvement Society. One feature that is often overlooked, but worth pointing out, is that the railings protecting the edge of the raised pavements were actually only installed during WW2, previously only isolated sections had railings.Originally, All Saints Street had the southern end terminated at the Pulpit Gate (Town Wall) which had steps leading down to Rock-a-Nore Road. The road was lowered in 1850 to permit vehicular usage throughout the length of the road, requiring the aforementioned raised pavements[2]


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