Rock-a-Nore Road

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Rock-a-Nore Road
Named AfterSee Rock-a-Nore

Rock-a-Nore road extends from Old London Road outside East Cliff House and Winkle Island to the geographic area Rock-a-Nore which is the area beyond the eastern-most groyne.

Within the road are a number of pubs and cafes, together with many of the Net Huts which are a unique feature to Hastings between it and the Stade Road. It is bordered to the north by a line of buildings backing onto the cliffs, a number of caverns are present in the cliff face. Within the road is also the East Hill Lift, the East Well, the Fishermans Museum, the Shipwreck Museum and Sea-life centre. Two car-parks are at the eastern-most end, one on the Stade beach, the other adjacent to a yacht club. The road and general area feature quite heavily in the photography of George Woods.


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