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Photography, particularly of seaside areas was prohibited during WW2, although a number of images, both official and unofficial were taken.

Local Establishments

Canadian troops were known to be billetted in the town, at the Albany Hotel in particular. There are scant records of other establishments locally, although a map produced by English Heritage would appear to imply there was some form of establishment near Hollington.

Prisoners of War

There is record of a German 'Working Party Camp' in the vicinity of Normanhurst - working camp number 145[1], but no physical trace remains, nor is the exact location known[2]. A number of verbal histories have also described Italian servicemen working in the area, although again no documentary evidence exists. An un-listed camp, most likely a transit-site was set up at The Grove (House) for POWs, but again the exact role of this is unknown at present. Some twelve German prisons from The Grove were utilised in quarrying stone to aid in the rebuilding of St Leonards Church which had been destroyed by a V1[3].

Air Raid Shelters and other Features

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