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The Grove (House)
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The property known as 'The Grove' standing in the parish known as Wilting, went through at least four stages of development, the first few as a house which was known to have existed on the site since the 13th Century. The property was purchased from Gilbert de Gensing by the Levett family and rebuilt in 1483[1] Upon the death of Richard Levett's great grandson, his sister inherited the property and she later married into the Eversfield Family[2]

There was a rebuilding in 1804, when two large chimneys were feared to be near-collapse and much of the building demolished; the remainder being converted to a farmhouse. In turn, the farmer was evicted from the property prior to another rebuilding, the chimneys that were supposed to fall remaining standing and incorporated into the new residence[3]. In 1952, The Grove was placed under a Compulsory Purchase Order by Hastings Borough Council in the sum of £6280. The house was subsequently demolished to make room for the first stage of The Grove School for boys, with only a portion of the stable block remaining (although by 2020, this too had been cleared in spite of being a listed building).


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