Merry Christmas Beer House

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These premises were apparently a beer and lodging house at 59 All Saints Street between 1848 and 1852, with the licensee listed as Edward Paris.[1]

It had 12 beds to let, lodgers sleeping two to a bed giving an occupancy of 24 persons[2]. The drains were questionable, draining in open channels from one floor to the next, finally exiting onto the street.[3]

In 1848 a Carpenter called Thomas Wright, 29, was charged with stealing a blanket from the Merry Christmas'. Eliza Paris wife of the landlord was a key witness. The prisoner was found guilty and given seven months in the 'Lewes House of Correction' including 14 days solitary.

1851 Census Return

Edward Paris, 39, Licensee and Bricklayer
Robert Paris, 10, Son
Clare Paris, 6 Daughter.
Thomas Paris, 4 Son.

Eliza Paris, Wife, not listed.
The other twelve people (6 couples) are all listed as lodgers and travellers from various parts of the country: Hampshire, Kent, Wales, Scotland and Loughton.[4]


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