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Events that happened in this month

The following list, whilst in no measure complete is a 'snapshot' of various events that occurred in Hastings during the current month.

Air Raids7Municipal Hospital and Royal East Sussex attacked with high explosive and incendiary bombs1941
Air Raids24Two bombs land on West Hill between George Street and Wellington Road1942
Air Raids17Elphinstone Avenue hit by German bomber1941
Brett Volume 1: Chapter II - Hastings 1828-18293Seizure of the 'Rose' caught smuggling 115 tubs of brandy1828
Brett Volume 1: Chapter II - Hastings 1828-18296Opening of a Co-Operative store in Winding Street with 160 members1828
Brett Volume 1: Chapter IV - Hastings 183022Seizure of the 'Dove' and 35 tubs of spirits1830
Brett Volume 2: Chapter XX - Hastings 183818Laying of foundation stone of St. Clements Halton1838
Brett Volume 2: Chapter XX - Hastings 18381Landing of 300 tubs of contraband at Camber1838
Charles Lockey (1820-1901)
George Street25Pedestrianised George Street re-opened by Bernard Bresslaw1987
George Wood (1887-1957)
HRH Prince of Wales visit61927
John Beeston Lockey (1858-1941)
John Whyborn (1862-)
Mark Thomas Breeds (1801-)
Ransom and Ridley's Shipyard8Launch of the Prince George1833
South Colonnade6First child born in St. Leonards1828
Submarine SM U-11815Grounding of the U1181919
Thomas Walter Breeds (1879-1957)

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