St. Helen's Hospital

From Historical Hastings

Was the Union Workhouse prior to becoming a hospital; one of which was during the First World War as No. 13 Canadian General Hospital during WW1, then 'Hastings Municipal Hospital' in 1930[1]; then on the 27th of August 1948[2] following the creation of the NHS earlier in that year. The Workhouse operated in parallel to the hospital until the 1960s, when the workhouse system ceased to be[3]. Rapid 'infilling' of the spaces between the north and south wings and central main building during the late 1950s/1960s with additional wards/treatment rooms and an operating theatre resulted in a slightly confused layout, losing the sites symmetry[4][5][6][7].

The buildings became redundant when the Conquest Hospital was constructed in 1992[2], the site has now been re-developed for housing, although the buildings on the east side of Frederick Road have retained and converted.

There used to be a tunnel under Frederick Road that connected both halves of the hospital, with one end of the tunnel being re-discovered during some re-modelling work took place on the property at the junction with Clifton Road[8].


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