Castleham Farm

From Historical Hastings

Castleham Farm sat to the west of today's Battle Road and was parcelled up with Castleham House when the Castleham Industrial Estate was constructed in the early 1970s. The farmhouse itself would sit slightly west of the junction between today's Castleham Road and Gresley Road. Until 1901, it was under the tenancy of Mr. Wm. Yielding, who placed all of the livestock, mainly consisting of Shorthorn cows, carthorses and implements up for auction on the 9th of October 1901[1]

In 1954, there was some debate in Council chambers as to whether the Castleham Farm Estate, or that of Ashdown Farm should be purchased to create a further housing estate, described in the press as the 'last big Corporation Housing Estate'. The site of Ashdown Farm had already been released by the Ministry of Agriculture to provide housing and a price of £11,200 agreed by the District Valuer. The decision was deferred to the aforementioned Ministry for their views[2]Ultimately, it was decided that the site of Ashdown Farm, together with that of Down Farm should be utilised for housing, in spite of the hilly terrain[3]

The seventeenth century barn that had stood in the farm was carefully dismantled and re-erected at the home of Mr. Yeo, a hospital consultant, in Bodiam[4].

The electrical engineering firm of Thomson-Houston Co. Ltd. proposed occupying a £1,000,000 factory providing 100 jobs on the site of the farm in 1957, with the Council meeting the costs of construction, however that did not come to fruition; both the Ministry of Agriculture would not permit the Council to release the funds and the firm citing the uncertain economic climate as a reason[5], together with on-going commitments to their premises at Rugby and Willesden, in which sufficient capacity could be found.



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