Carlisle Parade

From Historical Hastings
Carlisle Parade
Named AfterLord Carlisle
OwnerCrown Lands
Construction start1850
FeaturesLion Statue
Unicorn Statue
Carlisle Parade Underground Car Park
Carlisle Parade Sunken Garden

Carlisle Parade was originally part of the America Ground. Building started around between 1850 and 1854, when Lord Carlisle[1] was Chief Commisioner for Woods and Forests, the government body that appropriated the America Ground and seized ownership.

Part of the terrace is recorded as having been constructed by George Scott[2].

Due to the proximity of the ​road​ to the beach, repairs to the sea wall were undertaken in 1903 - this soon being damaged by a storm in 1905. Following the construction of the underground car park in 1930, leading to a tarmac surface being laid over a waterproofing barrier on the concrete, the waterproofing under the ​road​way together with the tarmac frequently separates leading to this area of ​road​ requiring resurfacing works approximately every 4-5 years.



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