16th Jan 2023 Flooding

From Historical Hastings

Following heavy rain on the night of the 15th/16th January 2023, Alexandra Park and the town centre were flooded as the Priory Stream culvert was overwhelmed.

As a result, the Priory Meadow shopping centre was closed and adjacent ​road​s including Pelham Street closed whilst emergency services dealt with the deluge. Pumps were installed on the beach at Denmark Place to pump out the Priory Stream culvert and work undertaken to clear shingle from the culvert and extend the outfall pipe above high water line. The responsibility for ownership of the culvert had been disputed for a number of years, however following this event, Southern Water agreed to take over the maintenance of the waterway[1].

Additional ​road​s in the Hastings area were also flooded as drains were overwhelmed by the rain including Frederick Road, Little Ridge Avenue & Churchwood Drive among many.


References & Notes