John Jinks (1799-1879)

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John Jinks was a bricklayer who also turned his hand to a number of other business interests, including that of a tailor with premises on the America Ground (what is now roughly 40 Robertson Street) and publican[1].In 1851, John was listed as living at 9 Bohemia Terrace with his wife and six children; Septimus (aged 18), Stephen (aged 16), Maria (aged 12), Emily (aged 9), George (aged 5) & William (aged 8 months)[2]. By 1866 he was listed as living in a property at 24 Spittleman's Down (now Bohemia Road near modern-day Bohemia) with his wife, married daughter Emily (now Emily Bissenden aged 19) and other children; George R. A. aged 15, William H. M. aged 10 and Ellen N. aged 3[3].

Brett lists him as having been involved with the construction of parts of Warrior Square, and being landlord of the Wheatsheaf Inn[4] [1]for a period, before moving to Rye in a similar role unsuccessfully. He was also described as Wastel Brisco's right-hand man by Brett and as having constructed part of the boundary wall for Summerfields House[1] His name was given to Jinks Passage.

His son William went on to follow in his father's footsteps and founded a building firm, W. N. Jinks and Sons[5]

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