Bohemia Road

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Bohemia Road
Part ofA21
JunctionsLondon Road
North Road
Upper Park Road
Lower South Road
Upper South Road
Tower Road
Newgate Road
Salisbury Road
St Pauls Road
Cornfield Terrace
Chapel Park Road
Church Road
De Cham Road
Hornyte Park
Magdalen Road
Falaise Road
Johns Place
White Rock Road
Places of WorshipSt Leonards-on-Sea Methodist Church
Public HousesWheatsheaf Inn, 172
Bricklayers Arms, 132
Hearts of Oak, 116
Prince of Wales, 84
The Bohemia Arms, 76

When Bohemia Road was widened in 1924, the last buildings associated with Bohemia Farm were demolished and the pond filled.[1] The road was renumbered in 1902.[2].

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Features[edit | edit source]

 Street name No From To 
Banks ButchersBohemia Road
Bohemia Electric TheatreBohemia Road60
Butlers EmporiumBohemia Road
George Street
H. A. P. Munday'sBohemia Road53
Wheatsheaf InnBohemia Road172

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