Westgarth Hotel

From Historical Hastings

The original Westgarth Hotel site is now occupied by Marine Court with an earliest mention in the local press around 1923, although it almost certainly pre-dates this.

"I seem to remember that an RAF Captain ran the Westgarth Hotel at one time. Oddly enough, I have read obituaries of several residents, formerly of St.Leonards Hotel (now Royal Victoria Hotel), who latterly moved over to the Westgarth Hotel, where their deaths are eventually recorded. The original St. Leonards Hotel (built circa 1830) was a centrepiece for Burton's development which certainly preceded the Westgarth Hotel, built some 50 years later. Most of the buildings fronting Marina are 'listed', as they are also part of the original Burton development." [1]


Due to the original site for the hotel being required for development of Marine Court, the hotel moved west along Marina to the curved building at the junction with Caves Road[2]


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