St. Michaels Church

From Historical Hastings

The parish of St Michael was situated to the west of the Priory ground. Whilst it was never a large parish (about 170 Metres long with a depth of some 60M[1]), the Priory was situated within its bounds as was White Rock. This parish had been devastated by the sea long before 1440 and only known of through parish records and a reference in the Customal of 1356[2]. The church itself was situated on the edge of the rock upon what is called Cuckoo Hill. The foundations were discovered in 1833/4, together with some burials, upon removing a portion of the cliff during the construction of Verulam Place[3][4][1].

St Michael is, of course, the patron saint of Hastings with his figure appearing on the Corporation Seal. In addition, the motto of the Town is "Draco crudelis Te vincet Vis Micaelis," "Cruel Serpent. Thee the force of Michael shall overcome."[1]

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