Hastings and St. Leonards Horticultural Society

From Historical Hastings

Established in 1842[1]. By the early 1900s, the society was struggling, putting out an appeal for funds from the public in 1902[2]. The society would appear to have managed to keep going, however, with reports of meetings and exhibitions being given through to the 1930s.


The Society was revived circa 1947, when an annual meeting reported forty members and a programme for the year to include outings to Plumpton School of Agriculture, the Royal Horticultural Society at Wisley and the seed farm held by Mr. G. Hole at Albourne, with possible displays in the Sussex County Agricultural Show, which was due to be held in Hastings during June and the Food Production Exhibition to be held at the White Rock Pavilion in October of that year. The meeting was chaired by the then Mayor, Alderman F. W. Chambers, with Mr. P. J. Morren acting as Society Chairman, Mr. J. J. Thorpe acting as Hon. Treasurer, Councillor J. D. Cooper, the Vice-Chairman and Mr. Ross-Young as hon. Secretary. The committee was to be chosen by ballot the following year[3].


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