Gillsmans Hill

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Gillsmans Hill
Other Names
Former name(s)Joseman's Hill
Named AfterPoss. Gillsons Wood

Also known as Joseman's Hill during the late 1800s, Gillsmans Hill has been known to have been occupied since the end of the mediaeval period. Most of the large ​building​s that were utilised as schools towards the end of the 19th century have disappeared, leaving perhaps Helios as the sole survivor on the north side of the ​road​. There was a plan in the 1970s to remodel the junction at The Green resulting in many properties near to the junction being placed under compulsory purchase orders; these plans did not come to fruition and many ​building​s remained empty and derelict until around 2018, when the properties around the junction started to be converted into habitable dwellings again, with other properties that had had either been demolished earlier or deemed unrepairable being cleared and modern housing being constructed in their place.


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