Eden Villa

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AddressWest Hill Road
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This ​building​ in West Hill Road, popularly known as 'The Bird Cage' was originally constructed around 1828 as the priest's residence from the next-door Quadrangle Chapel. There was an interconnecting door in the party wall that led directly to the pulpit[1]. The property was also known as 'Eden Cottage'.

Chalybeate Spring

Coming into the possession of Mr. & Mrs. Groslobb around 1848, Mr. Groslobb was investigating what he thought to be a leak at the rear of the property, but discovered a spring. Taking some of the water to the local chemist, Mr. Murton, at 36 Marina and another sample being sent to London, the water was found to be of exceptional quality and he was urged to make use of his find. This he later exploited by the construction of a room in the garden to be utilised as a chalybeate spa[2].

Later occupiers

The ​building​ was placed up for auction in March of 1875[3] with the lease being held by Mr. C. G. Eversfield. The property sold to a Mr. Rodda for £650[4].


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