Central Cricket Ground

From Historical Hastings

The Central Cricket Ground was a first class cricket pitch between 1864 and 1996.The land was secured, in part, thanks to a major contribution from Countess Waldegrave, being part of the land previously associated with the Priory, with a number of covenants attached to the land, one of which being that the Cinque Ports Volunteers could continue in their usage of the field. As the surrounding area was developed it became enclosed on all four sides by Queen's Road, South Terrace, Devonshire Road and Station Road with an inset area consisting of the Town Hall. In addition to cricket it was utilised for other sporting events including Tennis, Football and Archery and also as a general recreation ground. Post-demolition, the site was occupied by Priory Meadow shopping centre.

Queens Parade

During 1956, the ground had a tiered stand erected between it and Queen's Road. This incorporated shop fronts facing Queen's Road, which became Queens Parade and stood until the eventual closure of the ground.


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