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Whilst Ye Olde Pump House pub at 64 George Street may appear ancient, it in fact was extensively re-modelled during 1954. Previously it was a dilapidated shoe shop, Stokes and Carey, that marred the rest of George Street's appearance; the building also having sustained some damage in WW2. This prompted the council to serve an enforcement notice on the owner in 1946.

The owner at the time, a Mr. William Anthony Newman had an interest in restoring old buildings and evidently, he took Hastings Council's order for the work to be done 'within six months' seriously, giving the fairly recent building an authentic 'olde world' look by utilising re-cycled timbers from other old properties in the renovation. Having said that, some of the framework of the building does date back to circa 1600[1]. Grade II Listed (Historic England listing 1043508)


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