The Swans (Hollington)

From Historical Hastings

From Histories of Hastings' Houses and Properties in three volumes: J. Manwaring Baines - Hastings Museum and Art Gallery pg. 103:


"In the 16th century the Grove, together with a messuage and windmill called Swans, came into the hands of the Levett family, who owned the manor of Yielding and descended with it to the Eversfields".[1]

I.p.m. s printed in Sussex Record Soc. XIV Nos. O48, 385, 386 & 337, give the following short history of this property.

I.p.m. 1586 on Lawrence Levit of Hollington, esq, who died 20 Jun 1566, and left the "Grove" and "Swans* in Hollington to his sister, Mary, then wife of Thomas Eversfield of the same, gent.

I.p.m. 1607/8 on Mary late wife of Thomas Eversfield of Hollington, gent; she died 31 Jan 1607/8 and held the "Grove" and other lands in Hollington.

I.p.m. 1612 on Thomas Eversfield of Hollington, gent, who died 20 Feb 1612 and left his son, Nicholas, then aged 28 years or more, the "Grove" and a windmill called "Swanes" in Hollington and St Leonards.

The Rev. Dr F. W. B. Bullock in a letter to me dated 1st October, 1950 wrote:

The Hollington Tithe Map and accompanying record (183-1816) show Swans as being on rising ground on the east side of Harley Shute Road north of the railway bridge, close to and a little behind the modern houses "Grove View", "The Datcha" and "Conifers".

References & Notes

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