Stables Theatre

From Historical Hastings

Opened as a theatre in 1959 following an extensive restoration and conversion of the stable buildings for Old Hastings House, costing £15,000. The theatre was designed primarily by the actors with actors in mind. It was originally intended to keep the roof-space open in order the main timbers making up the roof which were around 200 years old Oaken beams could be appreciated, however heating and acoustics meant that a false ceiling was required.

Theatre prior to 1976 extension

In 1976, a two storey extension was added to the side of the building facing on to The Bourne in order that an art gallery, rehearsal space and better circulation for audience members could be provided. This was reportedly almost four times the cost of the original conversion, coming in at £55,000. The new spaces were opened by HRH The Queen Mother on the 14th of June 1978.

The Stables of Old Hastings House prior to conversion


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