Soloman Bevill

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Sol. Bevill

One of the key figures featured in the accounts of smuggling during the early 19th Century by the Brett Manuscript Histories, Soloman Bevill (Brett, together with other sources also spells his given name as Solomon) was a preventative man who captured, or was instrumental in many of the finds and arrests for smuggling during that period. In addition to his duties as a customs-man, he captained the Eclips, a privateer vessel during the American War of Independence (the vessel was also listed as owned by Thomas Manington, John Manington, William Ridley, James Breeds, Thomas Thwaites yngr & William Ransome at some time)[1]

In 1841, Mr Bevill was living with his wife Charlotte and two daughters, Caroline(c1821-) and Charlotte (c1831-) at an address in Upper Lane[2]. By 1851, he was at 10 High Street and it would appear had taken in William Gant as a lodger[3].

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