Priory Mill

From Historical Hastings

The Priory Mill stood at White Rock, a short distance from the location of the White Rock Pavilion and dated back to the early 1700s.

There is a reference to the mill in auction particulars published in the Sussex Advertiser; "ALL that good-accuftomed Corn Wind Mill, called the PRIORY MILL, near Hasting aforefaid, (being in perfect Repair) with the Tackle and Furniture thereof; and likewise the Remainder of a Leafe of the Plot or Field on which the fame ftands, containing about an Acre and a Half, held at the annual Rent of 40s. late in the Occupation of Thomas Foster and may entered upon immediately.", the auction being held at the George Hotel[1]

Whilst under the ownership of Joseph Carswell, it blew down in February 1808. H.E.S. Simmons noted: “Some years after the destruction of Priory Mill, which was never rebuilt, its site was occupied by Preventive Officers as a Customs House, and was then covered by the Beau Site Convalescent Home".


References & Notes

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