From Historical Hastings

The Pelican was a beer house that did not seem to acquire a name until the licensee, James Coleman, named it the Mariners Home around 1870. It was renamed the Pelican in 1892 after a well-known Hastings vessel of that name.

The Pelican had only one long bar with taps at one end and a Jug and Bottle door. It was an early morning house opening at 5am, mainly to service the local fishermen. Its customers were mainly hawkers, rag and bone men, fishermen and persons who frequented common lodging houses.

Charles Craig ‘the Hastings ferryman’ was another customer and appeared as a witness when the licence was challenged in 1912.

The part of East Parade on which the Pelican stands has been variously known as Commercial Road, West Street, West Beach Street and finally in 1896, East Parade. It closed as a beer house in 1935.


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