Old Town Band

From Historical Hastings

In 1845, Brett describes the band as being comprised of the following members[1];

  • Thomas Elliott, 1st clarionet
  • John Elphick, 2nd clarionet
  • James Russell, 3rd clarionet
  • Alfred Richardson, flute and E-flat clarionet
  • J. Colbran (familiarly known as Little Coe), piccolo
  • James Meadows, cornopean
  • George Winter, trumpet
  • Elliott brothers, French horns
  • Daniel Wood, tenor trombone
  • Thomas Woollett, bass trombone
  • Benjamin Wood, trombone and ophecleide
  • Herr Alderhausen(?) bassoon
  • Mr. Richardson, sen, bassoon
  • Frederick French, ophecleide
  • Mr. Lane, serpent
  • D. Coussens, drum
  • E, Edwards, drum
  • George Winter the younger, cymbals and drum

References & Notes