Marine Hotel

From Historical Hastings

This 70 room hotel[1] mentioned in Ross' guide as being situated in Pelham Place 1835[2] and run by C. P. Hutchin, was also known as the Royal Marine Hotel, or even "Hutchin's Royal Marine Hotel"[3] (after the ex-Empress Eugenie stayed for a period following her exile from France) during the mid-late 19th century. By 1890, the hotel was taken over by a Mr. Townsend and the facilities remodelled to include what was described in the press as 'a handsome smoking room which had cost a considerable sum to fit up and furnish'[4] The building, however, was in the way of a new development - the Royal Marine Palace of Varieties, and as a result, the contents were sold at auction in 1897[5], and the building being demolished the following year[6]

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