Jesse Hacks Hill

From Historical Hastings

This place-name refers to the hill at the Battle end of Battle Road leading up to the Victoria Inn, also referred to as 'Jessie Axe-hill';

JESSE HACK'S HILL. Sir,—-The frequent misspellings of the above name suggest that it may some small local interest place on record a brief note to its origin. Inquiries I have made, principally from Mr. Toby King (a surviving son of fine old character, the late Alfred “Toby" King, who was well known, not merely in , but throughout the borough, two more generations ago), establish, the fact that Jesse Hack was a licensed victualler who flourished mid-Victorian times. Soon after the Battle-road leading from towards Beauport was constructed, about middle of the last century, Mr. Hack became the first landlord of the Victoria Inn (then, course, a newly-erected house), and hence his name became, and still is, associated with the hill. Prior to that he was "mine host" of the Horseshoes Inn, a hostelry long since pulled down to make room for the Hollington Boys' School. He died at the Victoria Inn in 1870. and his grave will found close to the porch. The origin of many an old local name is apt to get lost in the mists of time, and so, no doubt, quite unintentionally, misspellings arise. Already I observe that one Battle-road resident has called his house, “Jesseaxe," and more than once I have seen the name feminised as "Jessie Axe." W.G.S.[1]


References & Notes

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