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The name HASTLEONS is derived from the HAST of Hastings and the LEON of St Leonards.[1]

The society’s first show was staged at the Gaiety Theatre in 1926, and was the 1898 piece Veronique. The Gaiety was the society’s home until 1932, when their Desert Song was the last live show before the theatre became the Gaiety Cinema. (After being the Classic, the Cannon and the ABC it finally became the Odeon, which it still is today.)[1]

The Hastleons then moved to the Cinema De Luxe (on Marine Parade) until 1935. Since 1936, their home has been the White Rock Theatre (formerly the Pavilion) apart from a break during the war (1940 to 1946) when no shows were presented.[1]

For a number of years the society rehearsed at various venues such as the Adelphi and Castle Hotels, moving to Newgate Road in 1971 for nine years until finally arriving at their current premises the Hastleon Hall in Bexhill Road opposite Judges.[1]

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