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The Reverend George Stonestreet Griffin purchased land situated in Lane Field (part of the former Mill Field) to construct this ​building​ in 1824[1].

Halton House was a castellated mansion within a walled paddock[2] of well-maintained grounds of approximately seven acres in 1838 in extent roughly where Hardwicke Road now is. Within the grounds were a separate wash house, brewery, laundry, stabling for three horses and a coach house.[2]

The house was described in a lettings advertisement to have 17 bed and dressing rooms, five reception rooms, billiard room, conservatory and complete domestic offices, giving a total number of rooms as in excess of 40.[3]

It was listed as the seat of the one of the descendents of Rev.William Stonestreet, whose grandson George Griffin (High Sheriff of Sussex) inherited the property circa 1794,[4] and remained in the house until circa 1838[5]. The ​building​ was demolished in 1898.

Napoleonic Usage

During the Napoleonic wars, it was reputed to have been occupied by German officers.[6]

Robertson Residence

The house was the local residence of Patrick Robertson (MP to Hastings) from around 1851. There were numerous garden parties and fetes for various good causes held in the grounds of the house whilst he was in residence, these continuing after his death in 1885, his daughter continuing to host events for local good causes until circa 1890.[7].

Decline and Redevelopment

The house was demolished in 1897[8] to permit development of Hardwicke Road[9]. In that year, all of the trees in the grounds were also felled and the timber gained put up for auction.[10] By 1898, the gardens were described as being an unsightly wilderness and a columnist queried when work would commence on re-development of the house and grounds.[11]


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