Great Brook Estate

From Historical Hastings

The 'Great Brook Estate' was agricultural land sold at auction on the 25th August 1862 at the Havelock Hotel[1][2] The site occupied much of the area covered by the western side of the Priory Stream extending up towards Braybrooke Road

Particulars at Auction

The auction particulars give the following description;

"..situated in the parish of St Andrew, Hastings comprising a variety of excellent sites for the erection of private residences, shops and business premises of a moderate class...The Estate is in the centre of the population, close to the Railway Station and in the road to the intended new ​building​s on the and estates and within a quarter mile of the sea...a space is reserved for a church on the estate..."[1]

New Roads

South Terrace, St Andrew's Square, Cornwallis Street, Waldegrave Street and Brook Street, giving its name to this street, were built on the land, starting in 1863.


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