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The Croft Road School stood on the site of what was, at one time, a slaughterhouse. The ​building​ was converted around 1817 to become the new site of Parker's School, with James Thorpe listed as school-master[1], the fore-runner to Hastings Grammar School. At this time, there were two hundred pupils recorded as being on the school roll. J. Manwaring Baines notes that the site is now occupied by nos. 16, 18 & 20 Croft Road, with the front portion being added to the ​road​way in 1866[2] The school ​building​ later became an annexe to the Technical Institute.

Baines' Notes on Property

Milward Bundle No. 59[3]

19 Apr 1748 Richard Geery of Hastings butcher by his Will devised to wife Sarah for life, then to dau Martha, etc, inter alia slaughter house and stable, par St. Clemts, in occup of self and Thos Godley gent. proved 8 Mar 1754 ‘at Lewes.
20 Jan 1776 Release by Samuel Roberts of Borzell esq. & Martha h.w. ( and heiress of R.G.)etc
24 Jul 1777 Sale by Samuel Roberts etc to Joseph Carswell of Hastings miller: said slaughterhouse etc.
15 Jan 1789 Will of Joseph Carswell left to trustees for son William (who died and by will 5.9.1797 left to John Holt, bro—in-law).
23 Jun 1810 Joseph Carswell's executors to William Gill banker, lease: all that warehouse or ​building​ on the scite whereof or on some part whereof a slaughter house and or ​building​s formerly stood sit. near the Croft.. sometime since used as Barracks for his Majesty's Troops, afterwards occupied by the sd Jane Carswell the elder and Rowe Carswell... which sd ware-house was built by the said Joseph Carswell.

This was then mortgaged and acquired by Rowe & Jane only.

6 Dec 1815 Sale by Rowe and Jane to John Manington iron-monger and William Woodroffe brewer, for £350: all that warehouse or ​building​ then or lately undergoing an alteration and improvement at the expense of the sd J.M. and W.W. by converting the same into a dwelling house with School-rooms & other conveniences on the site thereof...(recited occupiers, including James Thorpe schoolmaster)... to kings highway & open ground to S, E and W land of Edward Milward to N
7 Dec 1815 Mortgage by John Manington and William Woodroffe to Ann Lock of Hastings widow, £280.
21 May 1838 Lease by J.M. and W.W. to Stephen Standen of Camberwell Green innkeeper: m or tte with carpenter's shop and premises thereunto belonging... near the Croft, at £4 per qr.

Memorandum endorsed "The School House. late in the occupation of John Banks and now of sd Stephen Standen..[a]

21 Nov 1840 Release by J.M., W.W. and mortgagee, Charles Lock tailor, to Frederick North esq, for £200
1841 Insurance policy in name of William Edwards of Hastings carpenter, for £200, for a house in Church Street "part of the ground floor of which is used as a carpenter's shop", late in occupation of William Standen.
25 Aug 1866 Conveyance by F.North to Henry Cornelius Pierson, and others, of the front strip 11'4" deep and 38'4" Frontage (marked on plan "to be added to the street") for £100.

T. B. Brett was known to have been an assistant teacher at this school for a period[4]


  1. John Banks later became the last head-teacher of Parker's school prior to the amalgamation of the Parker's, Saunders' and Magdalen Charities

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