Cobourg Place

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Cobourg Place
Other Names
Former name(s)Cobourge Passage[1]

Cobourg Place was constructed on land previously called 'Coney Banks' and 'Coney Bank Field'. The area (extending towards Hill Street and Exmouth Place) was also known as 'Bakers Hill', most likely due to a grant of land from Robert Pelham of Michelham and Thomas Brabon in 1597 to a baker, John Barley. The same source also refers to the land as being the 'Cobby Land', 'Cobbisland' and 'Cobbsland'[2] Other field names from the same source include; 'The Slipp', 'Hollow Field', 'Great Meadow', 'Johnsons Plot' & 'Tile Kiln Plot' although these may be unconnected.


Features in Cobourg Place

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References & Notes

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