Church Street (Ore)

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Church Street (Ore)

There was a general store/off-licence at the Clifton Road end,a bakers next door to this followed by a row of houses then some open ground followed by more houses with a small general store in the middle of these. At the top of this row was a yard owned by Timmy Scrace who was a totter with a horse and cart,then allotments with a final row of terraced houses with a row of steps into Victoria Avenue[1].

A further description reads:

...before the Council purchased Church Street for redevelopment there was a small general store halfway down Church Street. It was run by an elderly lady during the late 50s and always smelt of paraffin. We would call in there for sweets usually en route to Sandown School when we took a short cut over an area we called the ‘Ollar’[a]! Where we crossed a small stream and walked up to the bottom of Sandown Road. It was usually a very muddy route to school so was not recommended by my parents![2]

The ​road​ extended from 10 Clifton Road to 11 Victoria Avenue[3]


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References & Notes

  1. The Ollar is now known as Speckled Wood
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