Christ Church Blacklands

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Christ Church Blacklands

Construction of this church commenced around 1876 when the owner of the land (Charles Hay Frewen of Coghurst Hall) decided to build a church here in memory of his wife.[1]


The bells at Blacklands church were installed in 1890 during the incumbency of the second vicar, the Reverend Alfred Hodges, following the dedication of the tower (which was added after the church was first constructed) on the 7th of January 1890[2] . Hodges did much towards establishing the church on a secure footing and was evidently a dynamic and persuasive character, for he raised enough money to have a tower built, and had earlier convinced Mrs M. L. Axtell of Spa Villa to donate £600 for a peal of bells. She had given the money as a thanks offering after recovering from a serious illness; Hodges had hinted that a peal of bells would be desirable. The tower was finally dedicated and the bells commissioned in 1890. This is commemorated by a plaque in the church. The first six bells were cast by the famous firm of John Taylor of Loughborough. Then in 1897 two more bells were added and all eight were rung to celebrate Queen Victoria’s golden jubilee. These two new bells were also cast by John Taylor, and completed a scale of E major.[3]

The weights of the bells are as follows:

Bell 1 (treble) 4.75cwt.
Bell 2 5cwt.
Bell 3 5.5cwt.
Bell 4 7.5cwt.
Bell 5 9cwt.
Bell 6 10.5cwt.


A memorial tablet and window in honour of Frederick Parsons were placed in the south aisle of Blacklands Church in October of 1900[4].


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