Baston Lodge

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Baston Lodge
General information
Address1 Upper Maze Hill
Postal CodeTN38 0LA
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Notable OccupiersAlan Turing, Colonel Walter Waterfield Ward (-1935)
Admin. Information
Electoral/Planning WardMAZE HILL Pre May 2018
Prop. Ref. No.100062578810
Listed Building
H.E. Ref. No.1192209

Baston Lodge 1 Upper Maze Hill was designed by Decimus Burton between 1850-1860 and built for John Ward, for whom Decimus Burton had already built a house at Calverley Park in 1828.Alan Turing lived here with Colonel Ward c1913-1921 (from the age of one to nine).The property was split into separate units circa 1973. Also known as Bastion Mansions[1]

Chronology from news reports

1850-1860 Property constructed for John Ward
2 Aug 1873 Arrival of Mr & Mrs Henley & Family[2]
7 Mar 1874 Report that Mr and Mrs Bravo and family, of Lancaster are taking Baston Lodge as accommodation[2]
1876 Occupied by G L Martin[3]
20 Dec 1879 Report of vagrant caught begging from Baston Lodge[2]
1883 address Upper Maze Hill Occupied by Mrs. Mcbraire[3]
21 Nov 1885 Reporting of theft of Coal from Baston Lodge[2]
1891 Occupied by Caroline A. Macbraire, widow, her son and daughter-in-law, cook, table maid, ladies maid, and house maid.[3]
1901 Similar household, Mrs. Macbraire now 93. She died in 1903 leaving over £2 million in today’s money.[3]
30 Mar 1907 Meeting of National Service League attended by Miss Vaughn of Baston Lodge[2]
25 Dec 1909 Reporting of Colonel W. W. Ward presiding over St. John's School Prize-giving[2]
1911 (census) Occupied by Colonel Walter Waterfield Ward, retired on half-pay, his wife, their 4 single daughters, aged 2 months to 19 years, 4 single cousins, aged 7 to 15, 2 gardeners, a cook, 2 housemaids and a nurse.[3]
1913 Alan Turing arrives at Baston Lodge
Jan-Apr 1912 Baston Lodge listed for sale[2]
20 Jun 1916 John Ward passes away at 13 Ferndale, Tunbridge Wells, the estate passing to Colonel Ward
1914-1919 Thomas Manktelow, one of the gardeners, served in the army becoming a sergeant in the artillery, in the middle-east.[3]
16 Jan 1915 P. W. Ward listed as music teacher of Baston Lodge[2]
5 June 1915 Report of income/expenditure for Soldiers & Sailors Help Society by Col. Ward[2]
8 Jun 1918 Wedding of Kathleen Bertha Ward daughter of Col. Ward[2]
20 Nov 1920 Wedding of Phyliss Nerina Ward, daughter of Col. Ward[2]
1921 Alan Turing leaves Baston Lodge
26 May 1923 Sale of Baston Lodge by Colonel Ward[2]
1 Aug 1925 Request for creditors by executors of Percy L. Parker of Baston Lodge[2]
24 Sept 1927 Executors Sale of Baston Lodge by trustees listing 3 receps, 9 beds, bathroom and stabling[2]
10 October 1925 Wedding of Miss Ellen Ann Bailey of Baston Lodge[2]
15 Oct 1927 Trustee Sale on behalf of P. L. Parker's estate[2]
12 Oct 1927 Planning app. to convert Baston Lodge into flats by owner Mr O. Shields[2]
2 Feb 1929 Vacancy listed for girl to do housework[2]
6 Apr 1929 Flats to let[2]
9 Nov 1929 Alterations listed with planning applications[2]
1930 Name Changes to Baston Mansions
11 Oct 1930 Advertisement for General Assistant at 2 Baston Mansions[2]

Flat 1 A. Cunningham
Flat 2 W. parker-Ellen
Flat 3 W. S. Flint
Flat 4 Mrs. Mumby[3]

7 May 1932 Lost ring advertisement Mrs Mumby 4 Baston Mansions[2]
4 Sep 1937 Notification of telephone connection for Miss K. Fownes[2]
3 Sep 1938 Funeral reporting of Mrs Kate E. Flint[2]
8 Oct 1938 Flat to let[2]
9 Dec 1944 Various items wanted advert for Smith, 3 Baston Mansions[2]
1944-1973 Name Change to Baston Lodge

Flat 1 no occupier
Flat 2 W. Kennett
Flat 3 T. C. Palmer
Flat 4 Albert Parmee[3]

Grade II Listed (Historic England listing 1192209)


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