Albert Cottages

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General information
AddressCrown Lane, Crown Lane
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Named in the Kelly's 1956 Directory as being on the north side of Crown Lane, these four dwellings were numbered 1, 1a, 2 and 3, with number 1a disappearing between 1923 and 1956.

In 1875 there is record James Gallop of number 1 dying at home[1]

1911 Occupants[2]

  • 1: Jamie Hyland, a fisherman, his wife Emily and two sons, James and Frederick
  • 1a: James Pepper, a fisherman, his wife Elizabeth and two daughters Francis and Ada Elizabeth
  • 2: George Griffin, a house painter and his sons Charles and Frederick. His son Private Frederick Griffin was awarded the Military Medal for gallant behaviour, having been in France for two years and returning to active service after a bullet wound to the leg in 1914[3]
  • 3: Richard Breeds a fisherman, his wife Annie and children Richard & Annie

1923 Occupants[4]

  • 1: James Phillips
  • 1a: Frederick Adams
  • 2: George Griffin
  • 3: Thomas J. Betts

A note in the births/marriages/deaths column reveals that in 1949, Frank and Eileen Burgess (nee Burton) had a daughter; Jennifer Margaret

1956 Occupants

By 1956, number 1a has disappeared giving us the following occupancy:

  • 1: William H. Harrod
  • 2: Thomas H. Adams
  • 3: William Sydney Starr (he and his family appear to have been resident since at least 1938[5]

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